Sport Training Specificity vs. The Principle Of Dynamic Correspondence
By James Major, Davis Diamonds Gymnastics

Strength Training Fundamentals in Gymnastics Conditioning

By James Major, Davis Diamonds Gymnastics

“The Three Late Drop Techniques for In-Bar Skills”

By Tom Forster

Davis Diamonds Gymnastics Girls' Training Plan
By James Major, Davis Diamonds Gymnastics

Physical Preparation for Young Boys Ages 4-6

By Yuejin Sun, Bo Morris and Chuck Rowell

The General Principles of Training Applied to Training Gymnasts

By James Major, Davis Diamonds Gymnastics

Four Handspring Vault Prototypes

By Hennig and Heinen Mack

Summary by James Major

Hit the Springboard!
By James Major, Davis Diamonds Gymnastics

Creating and Retaining Angular Momentum During Take-offs and Rebounds in Technical/Acrobatic Sports

By Knoll K 

Translated by James Major

How Did We Get Here?: This article is based on a scientific report from the former East-Germany with data on the development of gymnastics training.

 Back Salto Biomechanics for Coaches: This article explains the movements and forces that cause back saltos together with technique and how to coach

Technique and Physical Abilities: This article explains for coaches the relationship between the skill technique of a gymnast and hers/his physical abilities 

Periodization of a Gymnast’s Career: This article gives some long term perspective on planning gymnastics training

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