Pre-School and Kindergarten Programs


Davis Diamonds Gymnastics' goal is to facilitate the development of basic motor skills and coordination with play-based learning. The focus for the younger children is teaching spatial awareness, socialization and simple gymnastics skills. As children grow, the focus moves on to more intricate motor and gymnastics skills. Through the use of unique games, encouragement and structure we strive to make our classes rewarding for all levels. Specialized preschool equipment makes learning safe and fun and gives students a chance to use and develop their skills as they climb, jump, swing and tumble. Our frequently trained coaches keep classes small and friendly to give each child a chance to shine.

The following classes for preschoolers use a structured class format that includes warm-ups, circuits, games, use of trampolines, tumble track and foam-filled "pit". Circuits, include small beams, bars, hills, blocks, tunnels, hoops etc.


Parent-Child Classes



1 year olds

Pee Wee is a fun gymnastics exploration class geared for our youngest Diamonds and their adult. This class is led by an instructor who facilitates parent/child activities. (45 min)




Tumble Tots

2 year olds

Our Tumble Tot classes are instructor-led gymnastics activities and challenges geared toward children and their adult. (45 min)





Pre-School Classes

Jr. Flyer

3 year olds

Jr. Flyer is a fun, high-energy class that develops coordination through a variety of gymnastics experiences. This class is the first opportunity for children to be on their own with an instructor. Children will develop confidence in their abilities in a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere.

(45 mins)





Flippin' Flyer

 4 year olds
This is the next step after Jr. Flyer. A more complex curriculum meets the needs of this age group's physical and mental maturity levels. (45 mins)





Hot Shots! (by recommendation only)

4- 6 year olds

Hotshots is the most advanced class for pre-school and kindergarten age children who have mastered the Flippin' Flyer curriculum. Children have fun polishing fundamental gymnastics skills as well as learning more challenging combinations and building strength and flexibility. Placement is by Pre-Team Program Director's recommendation only.

        Monday 5:30-6:30   Tuesday 3:15-4:15

   Thursday 3:15-4:15   



*****In an effort minimize disruption and distraction in established classes, Make-up time for Pre-Shool classes is available during open gym ONLY.*****



Kinder Kicks

5-6 year olds

This co-ed class is for children who are seeking an introduction to gymnastics. It also serves as a good transition from preschool gymnastics classes to the boys and girls programs. In this class, gymnasts will gain experience on all apparatuses; including trampoline, tumble track, rings, beam and floor, developing coordination and strength. (1 hour)


Monday 3:00- 4:00      

Tuesday 9:30-10:30 & 1:15-2:15

Wednesday 2:00-3:00

Thursday 9:30-10:30 & 1:15-2:15 & 5:00-6:00

Friday 9:00-10:00  

Saturday 11:30-12:30   

Please note that minimum age requirements are established for safety. Children must be the age listed on the class schedule within the month of registered attendance or have consent from a coach to enroll in a class for which they do not meet the age requirement. 


Students are enrolled in their class for their chosen day of the week. A student may take more than one class per week and rates are based on the hours of enrollment. Example: a Jr. Flyer class (45 mins) one time per week would be $61.00 per month, adding a second Jr.Flyer class for the same student, would be $112 per month charged at (1.5 hrs).   We do not currently offer on-line registration. Registration is accepted in person or by phone with a credit or debit card. Payment is accepted at registration. Make-up classes must be scheduled with the front desk prior to the day of attendance in order to ensure that we have a safe coach to student ratio and space available in the class. Make-up time for Pre-school class (PeeWee,Tumble Tots, Jr. Flyers and Flippin' Flyers) is available during open gym time ONLY.